About The Memorial

January 2014: Government appoints a Holocaust Memorial Commission to consider the need for enhanced remembrance of, and education about the Holocaust. 

January 2015: Then Prime Minister, David Cameron, proposes a new Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in a central London site. Three particular sites were suggested - one of them was at the Imperial War Museum. Victoria Tower Gardens was not mentioned.
January 2016: Announced by David Cameron that the UK Holocaust Memorial should be in Victoria Tower Gardens. Plans for ‘an associated world-class Learning Centre to challenge prejudice in all its forms’ to be
announced ‘in the coming months’.

Later in 2016: The Government decides that the Learning Centre should be co-located with the Memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens. To read the Commission’s recommendations for the Learning Centre, click here.

September 2016: Launch of competition. To read the brief, click here.

November 2016: Out of 92 teams, 10 were selected to develop designs.

January – August 2017: Public consultation of architects’ designs.

October 2017: Announcement of competition winner. The winning design is shown here without all the associated servicing that will be required: lift pods, ramps, escape stairs, service ducts, vents and grilles. These will necessarily protrude above ground into the park. It is also shown without the railings and notices that will be needed.

September 2018: Public consultation held. You can view the exhibition boards here

December 2018: Second and final public consultaion held. You can view the exhibition boards here

December 19 2018: Planning application submitted, announcement here

May 2019: Revision to the plans for the entrance pavilion and courtyard of the proposed Holocaust Memorial.

The fins will obscure the protected views of the UNESCO world heritage site, The Palace of Westminster.

As you can see, the proposed Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre is totally out of proportion to
the park and Buxton Memorial and may destroy the trees that are planted near it.

​Queueing for the memorial and the Controlled Entrance security pavilion will be right next to the children's playground with the cafe the other side of the playground.