About The Campaign


Victoria Tower Gardens is a much loved recreation park used by individulas, groups of adults and school children.

We are campaigning against the construction of a Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre in the Gardens for these reasons  

1. Atmosphere
The presence of a sombre monument and Learning Centre will inhibit the enjoyment of the park for recreational use. The other
statues  in the park commemorate positive change - the end of slavery, women’s right to vote and freedom from oppression. 

2. Health

Sadiq Khan has declared there should be no loss of green open space from London parks. The Learning Centre will take up much of one end of the park with its paved courtyard.

3. Children
The recently improved 
children’s playground is right next to the proposed Memorial and Learning Centre - will this be safe, appropriate or even the end of the playground?

4. Pollution
With an estimated million visitors a year there will be increased pedestrian and motorised traffic, and pressure on coach parking adding  significantly to the pollution and congestion of the area.

5. Security

There have already seen deadly attacks outside Parliament.

Building a Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre so close by will create another politically sensitive target. The security needed  would undoubtedly restrict public access to the park.

6. Money
The Government has pledged £50 million of public money to create this Memorial and Learning Centre. We think this money should be spent on Holocaust Education nationally. 

7. World Heritage Site
The gardens and stunning mature trees border the UNESCO Westminster World Heritage Site and should be protected from any development. The trees fronting the river are especially at risk due to their root formation being damaged by the new foundations.

Just over half a mile away the Imperial War Museum's impressive Holocaust galleries are currently being expanded so as to explain better the Holocaust's relationship to World War II.
Having two Holocaust centres so close together would inevitably entail considerable overlap. There is already a simple and poignant Holocaust Memorial in Hyde Park, less than 2 miles away.

Parks should not be regarded as vacant land that can be used for building projects. They are key components of a city's green infrastructure.  The 2017 London Draft Environment Strategy calls for London's green cover to be raised from 47% to 50%. There is no mention of being able to build on historic parkland. 

Victoria Tower Gardens is a much loved, cheerful public garden. The competition brief called for the design to be ‘outstanding, ambitious, sombre.' The above image is an artists visual of what the winning design will look like when completed. Railings, signs, ramps will all have to be added.