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'Westminster is the wrong place for the Holocaust Memorial
by Barbara Weiss

27 December 2018

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'Critic of Westminster Holocasaust memorial accuses
supporters of 'railroading' plans through’

17 October 2018

‘Holocaust memorial planned for parliament needs
rethink, says Jewish peers’
by Jonathan Morrison

2 October 2018 
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‘Britain’s Holocaust memorial shortlist: right time, wrong place?’
by Rowan Moore

5 February 2017 
‘Why British architecture needs to be open to all talents’
by Rowan Moore

3 September 2017

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‘We need new ways to ensure our history is not forgotten’
by Ian Jack

4 February 2017 
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"Imperial War Museum in clash over proposed Holocaust memorial"
by Harriett Sherwood

7 October 2017

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‘Questions raised in Parliament over ‘completely unsuited’ Holocaust memorial site’

by Ella Braidwood with statement by Joseph Rykwert,

15 February 2017  

‘A​J exclusive: model photos of Holocaust memorial finalists’
by Richard Waite 

21 April 2017

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‘Leading Jewish academics question location, expenditure and thinking behind the proposed Holocaust Memorial at Westminster’

by Ella Braidwood

28 March 2017 

‘Row over new £50m holocaust memorial as MPs say it will ruin Victoria Tower Garden’
by Christopher Hope

14 April 2017 

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‘Jewish Peer criticises Holocaust memorial’
by Johnathan Morrison​

25 February 2017  

"As the daughter of of German Jewish refugees, we don't need this Holocaust memorial" 
by Nina Grunfeld

25 October 2017 

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‘World has enough Holocaust memorials, claims

Jewish Author’
by Jonathan Morrison

31 October 2016 

‘Jewish peer attacks plans for national Holocaust memorial’

26 February 2017 

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‘Time to go back to the drawing board: Stephen Games isn't impressed by the shortlisted designs for a Holocaust memorial.’

27 March 2017 

​​‘Baroness Deech attacks Shoah memorial plan’
by Lee Harpin

10 March 2017

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‘Smile for the Auschwitz selfie: Why Holocaust memorials have failed’

by Tanya Gold

10-16 March 2017  

‘Victoria Tower Gardens: A worthy memorial in the wrong place?’

Summer 2017

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‘Campaigners vow to BLOCK £50m Holocaust memorial near Parliament’

by Jamie Bullen

10 September 2016

"Is park next to Parliament the right place for Holocaust memorial?’
by Jackie Storer,

12 April 2017

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‘Save Victoria Tower Gardens from London’s Second Holocaust Memorial’

by Tom Turner in Landscape Architects Association

14 November 2017 

"Plan for Holocaust Memorial recalls UK govt’s sad response to refugee crises"
by Jonathan Gornall ​​

11 December 2018 

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